Timberventure and energy efficiency go hand in hand, and we are always looking for the best balance of performance and price to make sure we can get the best out of every build. Pitching ourselves as the best in the business for using quality materials that are designed to perform and last with minimum maintenance.

With a wide range of insulation products on the market from eco-friendly sheep’s fleece to PIR insulation and everything in between the choice is endless. As standard we exceed the Park Home and Holiday Lodge industry minimum requirement (BS3632) and are touching u values set in current building regulations.

Exterior Cladding and finishes are important and selecting maintenance free products is the way forward to limit upkeep, we would only recommend good, quality product like western red cedar, thermowood, or hardie plank cement board in their choice of different colours.

We are happy to include extra energy saving products such as solar p.v. Air source heat pumps etc. As standard we only supply A-rated appliances and above, A-rated double glazed windows, and LED lighting. We are very tuned in with the design of rooms within our floor plans as they play a massive part in how efficient the overall home becomes.

Upcycling is fun and helps us to be energy efficient as a business. Our highly skilled tradesman can achieve all kinds of smart products using materials that would normally end up in the skip.

We separate our timber, plasterboard, plastic and metal to promote recycling and less to landfill. We use local suppliers when sourcing materials to keep down the carbon footprint and support local trade in rural Devon.